Santa Clara Unified School District

2016-17 Elementary Instrumental Music Program

Grades 3-5

Dear Parents/Guardians,

The gift of music provides an opportunity for students to explore their talents, encourages self-discipline, and provides students with experiences in the fine arts. The Educational Services Division is pleased to provide the opportunity for students in grades 3, 4, and 5 to participate in our instrumental music program.

3rd Grade Program

Beginning this school year, every third grader will participate in music instruction. Music teacher s will visit third grade classrooms each week for approximately 30 minutes, providing instruction in music theory and teaching students to play bell sets and recorders. The bell sets will remain at school and will be shared by all third grade classrooms. Recorders will be purchased for each student and students will keep them as their own.

4th & 5th Grade Program

The music program for grades 4 and 5 includes a choice of orchestra or band instruments listed below. Lessons will be offered on a pull-out basis. Students will be absent from their regular classroom for 35-45 minutes per week. As parents you play a very important part in making the decision regarding your child's participation.

Required instruments and accompanying books are available for check out through the school sites. These are provided by the District without charge to the student. If you would like your child to borrow an instrument,your child will choose three possible instruments and every effort will be made to provide the first choice. Instruments are checked out for the school year and returned at the end of the year. If, instead, your family prefers to rent or purchase an instrument, you are welcome to do so at your own expense.

Lessons will be provided on the following instruments:

Orchestra - Violin, Viola, Cello, & String Bass or

Band - Flute, Clarinet. Alto Saxophone, Trumpet. Trombone & Snare Drum

Two forms will be sent home with all 4th and 5th grade students the first week of school. The first is the registration form to be completed if you would like your child to participate,and the second is the borrower's agreement form to be completed if you would like to borrow a district instrument. Please watch for them and return them as soon as possible if you wish to enroll your child in the program.

Thank you,

Kathie Kanavel

Assistant Superintendent, Educational Services

5_ 27_ 2016