Room Maximum Capacity/Covid Capacity TV/VCR DVD Easel with Paper & Pens LCD Projector View Layouts
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C-1 24/10 X X C-1
C-2 16/7 X X C-2
C-5 20/8 X X C-5
C-6 36/12 X X C-6
D-3 (Computer Lab) 24/10 X X X D-3
D-4 64/19 X X X X D-4
Multi-Use 140/18 X X X X Multi-Use
South Room 72/16 X X X X South Room
DVD Players and LCD Projectors are available for each room. Coffee and tea service is provided in the lobby area at no additional cost. Coffee or tea service is available in a meeting room for $5.00 per pot.