Dr. Charles D. Smith


Assistant Principal,
Xavier Ortiz


Assisstant Principal,
Brenda Lara


Office of Student Life & Counseling

Restorative Justice Counselor,
Dr. Jill Manning


Middle School Counselor,
Stacy Robbins


High School Counselor,
Ruby Valadez


Dean of Students,
John Vergara


Office of Instructional Support

Instructional Coach,
Nadine Aceves


Intervention Coordinator,
Brandy Anderson

Velia Valle


Data Coordinator,
Steve Gutierrez


Office of Psychological Services

Elvin Capel


Secondary Psychologist,
Gabriela Gutierrez


Elementary Psychologist,
Nancy Castillo


Office of Student Success

Title III Coach,
William George


MS College and Career Readiness,
April Williams


Newcomer Counselor,
Irene Yun