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First Last Name Phone/Ext. Title More Info Order
Kim Kelly 659-2570 Director, Curriculum & Instruction Under general direction of the Assistant Superintendent of Instructional Services, to be responsible for planning, organizing and directing the District's Curriculum & Instruction Department with the purpose to support teachers, administrators, and the community and make a difference in the lives of students by developing their ownership in meaningful learning. 001
TBD 12701 Secretary Provides complex and detailed administrative office assistance to the Curriculum & Instruction Department Director and related management, professional and supervisory staff. Performs a variety of specialized and technical activities for the department. 001.2
Susan Lemke 12705 Program Manager - Math and Science 002
Jamie Shimomura 12704 Program Manager - ELA, History, Social Sciences 003
Deepa Iyer 12719 Office Assistant III Performs a wide variety of general office support duties involving broadly defined policies and procedures for the Curriculum & Instruction Department in the District office. 005
Angela Hsu 12712 Instructional Coach - Elementary 006
Diana Ramirez 12708 Instructional Coach - Elementary 007
Kristin Dil 12715 Instructional Coach - Elementary 008
Michelle Spurgeon 12714 Instructional Coach - Elementary 009
Christine Tu 12709 Instructional Coach - Secondary 010
Dawn Nogueiro 12713 Instructional Coach - Secondary 011
Nate Ivy 12703 Instructional Coach - Secondary 013
Jet Najera 12702 Instructional Coach - Special Education 013.2
Maile Ferreira 12716
MSJH ext. 37070
District Librarian 014
Jessica Andrade-Azua 12717 Library Media Systems Admin 015