Allowed to be on Campus

No one is allowed on the school grounds before 7:15 am or after 2:30 pm, unless attending a school-sponsored activity. 


The schools within the Hacienda La Puente Unified School District have a CLOSED CAMPUS POLICY. This means that students are to remain on campus once they have entered the school premises. All visitors are required to check in with the front office upon entering campus. Students are not permitted to leave these grounds without first checking out through the office. Students leaving the campus and not abiding by the above are considered to be truant. The Sheriff’s office will be called and loss of privileges may result.

Parties on Campus – No outside food, flowers or balloons

Parties and celebrations that are not part of a school activity are not allowed. These parties should be held after school hours off campus.  Balloons, Silly String, and other party items that distract students during the school day are not allowed on campus.  The district’s “Wellness Policy and Health and Safety Code” states that all food is required to meet nutritional standards.  Food prepared off-campus is discouraged because it often has too much fat, sugar or allergic items that offer no nutritional value or poses a health risk to students.  This policy also includes fast food being brought to students during school hours. The Health and Safety code also states that “No food prepared or stored in a private home shall be used stored, served, offered for sale, sold or given away in a food facility (school).” Class parties or celebrations that involve food under the supervision of staff shall be limited to no more than one per month and must be approved by the principal.  When selecting snacks for occasional class parties, the nutritional quality should be considered by limiting foods or beverages that do not meet nutritional standards to no more than one food or beverage per party.


Parent Visitation Policy/Conferences

Parents are invited to the school or classes. Out of courtesy to our teachers, please provide notice 24 hours in advance Please check in at the school office for a visitor’s badge. Teachers are happy to meet with parents regarding student progress or concerns at a time agreed upon by the parent/guardian and the teacher.

There will be two parent conference weeks for this purpose in November and February. If you would like an additional time, please call the office and set up an appointment for either before or after school. Students may not bring non‑Grandview students on campus during the school day. This restriction is due to space availability at the school, insurance requirements, as well as legal liability. Student activities are for Grandview students only.