New Open World Academy, is a K-12 school located on the Robert F. Kennedy Community Schools co-located site located in the Koreatown/Pico-Union area in Los Angeles. New Open World Academy Elementary School (K- 5) opened in September 2009 and New Open World Academy Secondary School (6-11) opened in September 2010. 

The school, along with 3 other schools on the site, was founded to relieve the overcrowding at two neighboring comprehensive schools, Los Angeles High School and Belmont High School, both of which are Title I schools that were operated under a multi-tracked year-round schedule. Moreover, the school was built to bring students, who were being bused out to schools in the San Fernando Valley, back to their neighborhood.

New Open World Academy is one of six public pilot schools on the RFK Community Schools complex, the others being the UCLA Community School (K-12), opened in 2009; the Ambassador School of Global Education (K- 5), opened in 2009; the Ambassador School of Global Leadership (6-12); opened in 2010; and the Los Angeles High School for the Arts and the School for Visual Arts and Humanities (9-12), which moved into the complex in 2010.