About The Family Resource Center

The Compton High School Family Resource Center is facilitated by a new team of Community Relations Specialists. Mr. Mark Deese and Mrs. Marina Mendoza are responsible for increased community involvement as well as the innovative “Survival English/Spanish” module of teaching and are committed to making Compton High the best parent program in the state. “The Center” offers parents and guardians resources which are available in the school district and the surrounding community.

School Governance

School Site Council (SSC)

English Learners Advisory Committee (ELAC)

School Advisory Committee

Training and Workshops

The Family Resource Center “Training & Workshop Program” encourages parents to enhance their general knowledge of navigating the high school system of governance, graduation requirements, as well as teacher/counselor conferences and various Health presentations including Adolescent Development.

Survival English/Spanish

Parents learn how to speak, read and write English and Spanish through the “Immersion Training Method” where both languages are experienced simultaneously. The class uses real life experiences and practical conversational topics to learn. Reading Discovery field excursions are a popular part of the class that parents and community look forward to participating in this activity. At the end of each 12 class module “Certificates of Participation” are awarded to qualifying students.