There are no absolute guidelines specifying what constitutes evidence for reporting suspected child abuse.
The general rule is "When In Doubt, Report".

  1. Contact the appropriate local authority and report suspected abuse. When there is physical injury and/or cause to fear for the child’s immediate safety call the local law enforcement agency:

Brentwood Police Dept. 925-634-6911. It is also strongly recommended (but not required) that you contact the school administrator, who can support and guide you through the process. The fax number for the Brentwood Police Dept. is 925-809-7803.

In all other instances, the phone call should be to the Child Family Services (CFS), phone 877-881-1116. The fax number to CFS is 925-608-6894.
The telephone report must be made immediately or as soon as practically possible, upon suspicion of abuse. The verbal report will include:

At the time the verbal report is made, the mandated reporter shall note the name of the official contacted, the date and time contacted, and any instructions or advice received.

  1. Within thirty-six (36) hours of making the telephone report, the mandated reporter must complete and mail a written report to the local child protective agency.

The written report shall include completion of the required Standard Department of Justice form
(Form Download).

The Department of Justice forms are also available from the school principal. The school principal will assist the mandated reporter in completing the verbal and written report.

Reporters should request assistance from the site administrator in completing and mailing the form; however, the mandated reporter is still responsible for ensuring that the written report is correctly filed.

  1. It is better to work with a school administrator throughout all three steps. However, employees reporting child abuse to a child protective agency are required to notify the site administrator or designee as soon as possible after the initial verbal report by telephone. The site administrator shall inform the Superintendent of the actions taken.