SVMS Program

Grading System

SVMS is on a trimester grading system for all grades. Students will receive official report cards at the end of each trimester..

Teachers will mail home D/F notices for any student who is in danger of earning a D or F in any class for the grading period. Student grades are posted in each classroom (by student number) so students are able to check their current grade. Parents can use PowerSchool to monitor their child's grade. .

Wednesday Early Dismissal

Early dismissal wlll be every Wednesday (12:30pm) to allow for essential staff development. Please see the home page for the early dismissal schedule.

Campus Hours - 7:45am-4pm

Supervision is provided on campus beginning at 7:45 each morning. Please remind your children of the importance of remaining on campus once they arrive. For their safety, students must remain on campus once they arrive in the morning. Additionally, unless your child is involved in an after-school activity, students should exit campus immediately after the last bell. There is no formal supervision provided for students other than those involved in after-school activities. Thank you for your help in this.

Dress Code

Please take a moment to review our dress code in the school rules section of this website. Students are to be covered at all times, no bare mid-riffs or spaghetti straps are allowed for students. Additionally, no undergarments may be visible and dress code applies for all school activities including Fun Friday Dress Up Days and school dances. Pajama bottoms are not appropriate for school.