This FAQ pertains to Las Lomitas specific questions

When will students be in the new classrooms?

We anticipate our kindergarten classrooms opening at the start of the 2018/19 school year.

When will construction be completed?

We plan to finish our Priority 1 buildings at Las Lomitas by the spring of 2019.

Will there be Artificial Turf installed?

There are currently no plans for Artificial Turf at the LL campus

Will the buildings be Energy Effiencent?

Yes. We are participating in PG&E's Savings By Design grant program as part of our building program. Our Buildings are currently targetted at 22% more efficient than the building code.

Will the buildings be LEED Certified?

At this time there are no plans to pursue LEED Certification.

Will LL have Solar Panels?

We will design all our buildings so they are "solar-ready" to reduce any future solar retrofit costs. Those measures would include providing excess conduit capacity that will be needed with solar installations, planning for solar panels in the roof design, allowing for inverter space in electrical rooms, and other infrastructure components that will be more cost effective to install when the building is being built.

Will you install electric vehicle charging stations?

Similar to our solar strategy, we are installing infrastructure for future EV charging stations.

What are you building at Las Lomitas?

Our Priority 1 components include both new buildings and new site amenities.

The Building components include:
• 8 Kindergarten Classrooms
• New two story building w/ kinder & standard classrooms
• New admin building
• New flex classroom building

The site amenities include:
• New Car drop off and parking configuration along Alameda
• New Bus entrance along Camino al Lago
• New traffic signal and driveway alignment with Walsh Rd
• New kindergarten playground
• New admin quad for school gatherings
• New covered lunch area